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All songs by Glindon Marten & John Boone, 2013 Folk-Lab Music/ASCAP. All lyrics by Glindon Marten, except “Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Comet Halley", written by Marten/Boone. All instruments by Marten/Boone, Bass on Earth, Mars, Uranus, Neptune by Luke Houglum. Vocals by Glindon Marten. Recorded in Seattle, WA at Folk-Lab. Self Produced/Recorded by Glindon Marten (Winter 2012 - Spring 2013). Mixed by Glindon Marten & Luke Houglum. Mastered by Doug Krebs. All arrangements by Glindon Marten. All original artwork by Glindon Marten & Annie Marten, with much thanks to NASA (for Gemini 8 imagery, and Voyager gold record diagrams). Thanks to Annie Marten, Luke Houglum, Ian Shuler, & Doug Krebs. LP (12 tracks) Release: 08/02/2013

All songs by Glindon Marten & John Boone, 2007 Folk-Lab Music/ASCAP. All instruments by Marten/Boone. Vocals by Glindon Marten. Recorded in Bellingham, WA in Glindon's bedroom (on Donovan Ave, and Lakeway Dr). Self Produced / Recorded / Engineered / Mixed & Mastered by Glindon Marten (Winter 2007 - Spring 2007). All arrangements by Glindon Marten. Cover by Glindon Marten. LP (12 tracks) Release: 06/21/2007


Asthmaboy is Glindon Marten - Seattle WA


a branch crack in the woods

kept but not keeping

blood on my teeth

a taste of copper and/or iron

shopping basket with old lettuce leaf

the curious smell of an old book or magazine

i saw a crow eat a baby bird

car doors closing in the distance

lobbying for nuclear annihilation

i'm born again feral

in the distilled city streets

through hollowed out concrete hulls

of banks and boutiques

commercials are making me nauseous

mouths wide open like baby birds

award shows for professional liars
checks all the boxes

young, arrogant and ignorant, chewing on a wasp
get a new phone every year to support sweatshop slave labor
personal information stolen
a pat on the back for public philanthropy
large asses gyrating for the camera

ugly billionaires sending dick pics

fake work friends, small talk

maybe there’s something, but it ain't this

selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor
talking past each other
the smell of gasoline, sun baked vinyl seats, armpits and cleaning supplies
link is in the description

i repeat things i've heard on the news

with little to no agency or critical consideration of my own

a robin flew into the living room window and broke its neck
afraid to say anything

demonization, dehumanization, demonetization

afraid to say anything


ants falling from the ceiling

how unfortunate for the world that jack dorsey was born

two stones with one bird
one way supermarket aisles
6 feet apart or 6 feet below
sarcasm sarcasm orgasm

eyes in the dark, one moon circles
please will the asteroid come?


can't breathe
modern corporate slaves
cancel culture vultures

soon to be a clear-cut

problematic, problematic, problematic

rabble, rabble, rabble
burn the witch
i do not want to be a part of the human race
everybody stare at the black rectangle

side-boob on the red carpet
corporate dogma bullshit
surprise and delight!
social media mob pitchforks

sad and pathetic
people who live in big cities are the worst people

it hurts to have a body
never actually saying what you really feel
inflated sense of self importance
culture of ME
you cant win anything, without losing something
moral superiority, point scoring
add crowd noises
rabble rabble rabble
counterfeit reality
extra curvy piece of driftwood

jacking off for any kind of release
cut my fingernails into the toilet and/or trash can
a crippling case of akathisia
hoping for the lesser of two evils
afraid to say anything

once you see how the sausage is made

add more crowd noises
money makes him sexually attractive
one hand washes the other
the more people “like” me on social media the better person i am inside
don't ask questions, just consume product and then get excited for next product
talking fast in pharmaceutical advertisements
take a dump now and then
a hint of nutmeg
check your credit score... fuckface
no need to think for myself
i get my truth from talking heads
watch the ad before the video
wait in traffic everyday, sometimes for hours
c.e.o. is my new g.o.d.
no time for your own passion
city full of itself
people clawing eyes out
9 to 5 suicide

adderall in the corporate kitchen coffee?

fake laugh, ass kissing
inspirational corporate sizzle
keep the herd calm
with wallets wide open
always need the newest best thing

chin diaper on before entering the mall

survival of the fittest asshole
i want your blood on my teeth
a taste of copper and/or iron
hollywood thinks everyday people live in mansions
playing the victim
everyone did a racism
if you don't think the way i do, you must be hitler

24% a.p.r.
children in cages
adults in skyscrapers
buy yourself into oblivion
you cant take it with you

the universe is a single closed electron

the delicate voice of an afternoon cat
you have something in your teeth
spoiled brat, false ambition

i put my arms up when you start the fight
people who cannot see anything outside the poison prism of politics

double standard

bitches be trippin'
i'm tired of trying

i'm tired of trying


pretending to be interested
your fake sad eyes
the smell of chlorophyl

reckless and wild

scissors for the children
two sides to every story
gas on empty
down to my last five
wet red leaves on the concrete
pictures of my perfect life
thinking about buying a gun

hike into the mountains and never come back
calm down
enjoy the sunshine
the feeling of my arms around you
makes me feel o.k.
for just a moment


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